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Soaps in All Shapes and Sizes

Glycerin soaps are made using a different technique than the Traditional Soaps, and are very popular for their fragrance and decorative qualities. Glycerin is a natural moisturizer, having the humectant property of attracting moisture, and many people find it particularly beneficial for their skin.

We start  with a base which includes various oils (olive, coconut, palm, castor, safflower), glycerin, sodium hydroxide to turn the oils into soap, and moisturizers and conditioners. Then various combinations of oils, colorants, and fragrances are added to make each bar unique and luscious. Stearic acid, derived from palm, is often added to make the bar harder and longer-lasting. While most established customers of Sad Cat Farms have selected their favorites, they usually include some of both types --Traditional and Glycerin. See what you think……

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Autumn Spice Glycerin Soap

Autumn Spice -- Although many customers like to use this bar year-round, let’s be honest -- it just shouts autumn! From the bronze transparent color, to the autumn fragrance, to the silk autumn leaf embedded in the soap -- it is beautiful in fragrance and appearance, and will make you anticipate fall all year long. $4.00


Bathing Pouf -- For those who don’t prefer a washcloth, this soap is perfect. A nylon bath pouf is embedded in 5 ounces of fragrant glycerin soap  -- soap and cloth in one! We have customers who say they will never bathe any other way. Typically fragranced with an oatmeal, milk, and honey fragrance oil blend, it can also be made with any fragrance of your choice. $5.00
Bathing Pouf Glycerin Soap
Cat's Eye Cinnamon Glycerin Soap
Cat's Eye Cinnamon -- This soap was developed in response to requests for a cinnamon soap. We made it smell good with cinnamon essential oil, but we needed it to be beautiful too, so we added ground cinnamon for decoration and a gentle exfoliation, and put a cat’s eye on each bar! $5.00
Clearly Pine -- The fragrance of pine in the Colorado Rockies, especially after a gentle rain, is so refreshing, and so is this soap. A deep green color, and a pine scent provided by essential oils, make this bar a favorite. Many like to include it in a winter holiday gift basket. $4.00
Clearly Pine Glycerin Soap
Desert Sage Glycerin Soap
Desert Sage -- For those familiar with the wild sage in the Colorado Rockies, and in the desert just below, this fragrance will not be new, nor will the gentle green hue of the bar. It is made in a variety of southwest designs. Created as part of the Desert Southwest Collection (see Gift Items page), it is a favorite for many. $5.00
Desert Sunrise -- Sunrise on a clear morning in the desert Southwest is so spectacular and energizing that it inspired this soap. Deep red like the sky, with a rich fragrance, it will get you up and going for the day. Created as part of the Desert Southwest Collection (see Gift Items page), it is available in a variety of southwest designs. $5.00
Desert Sunrise Glycerin Soap
Desert Sunset Glycerin Soap
Desert Sunset -- The evening sky in the desert southwest may start out red, but then turns a dark yellow to reflect the earthy colors of the desert. This soap is designed to replicate the musky mood and scent of early evening in the desert. Available in a variety of southwest designs, it was created as a part of the Desert Southwest Collection (see Gift Items page.)  $5.00
Duckie Soaps -- Who says getting clean can’t be fun, just like it was when we were kids? These soaps bring mirth to the bath, for kids and adults alike. The Holiday Duckies make perfect stocking stuffers, and the Yellow Duckies….well, they’re just fun for everyone of all ages all year round.  $5.00
Duckie Glycerin Soaps
Fall Leaf Glycerin Guest Soaps
Fall Leaf Guest Soap -- Small bars that pack a fragrant punch of bayberry, and show the colors of changing leaves in the fall. Try placing several of these in a soap dish in the guest bath, or why not in your own wonderful bathroom?  $2.50
First Snow -- Shaped like a snowflake, this soap will bring up memories of the first snow of the season -- with a bright, refreshing fragrance. Let it snow!  $4.00
First Snow Glycerin Soap
Gardener's Glycerin Soap
Gardener's Soap -- This decorative bar is a fooler: it’s pretty, but it works hard to clean hands that work hard. In addition to a blend of essential oils that cut grease and grime, it also contains Fullers Earth, which is said to be superb at combating dirt and grease. A gentle exfoliation is provided by orange peel powder and ground oatmeal. Colored a dark green with chlorophyll, this is a gardener’s delight.  $5.00
Holiday Rose -- We love roses all year, but this rose is especially good at holiday times. In addition to the basic ingredients, this formula includes a package of special oils -- shea butter, Vitamin E, jojoba -- along with Kaolin clay, to make it a good complexion bar. The special fruity holiday blend of essential and fragrance oils makes this soap a best seller for the holidays, and all year long because…….we love roses all year!  $5.00
Holiday Rose Glycerin Soap
Honey Harvest Gift Glycerin Soap
Honey Harvest Gift -- This lusciously honey-fragranced soap is a double treat -- in addition to the lovely fragrance, it is packaged to be convenient as a travel soap. Take the luxury of soap on all your travels!  $5.00
Honey Oatmeal Shea -- This lovely soap with the honey fragrance also offers the emollience of shea butter and oatmeal. Lovely looking, and lovely for the senses.  $5.00
Honey Oatmeal Shea Glycerin Soap
Honeycomb Glycerin Soap
Honeycomb -- A honey base, with the sweet nutty fragrance of honey almond, make this small bar elegant and inviting.  It will add fragrance to an entire room.  $3.00
Lavender Shea -- One of our best sellers! The basic soap is enhanced wih shea butter, stearic acid (to make it longer lasting), and emu oil. The lavender fragrance is an all-time favorite. Consider pairing this with Lavender Honey Goat Milk Lotion -- a good gift to others or to yourself. You deserve it.  $5.00
Lavender Shea Glycerin Soap
Milky Way Glycerin Soap
Milky Way -- White as the Milky Way, with the fragrance of coconut milk, this soap is a big favorite! Molded in an oval shape that just fills your hand, it’s a simple yet luxurious bar. $5.00
Oak Leaf & Acorn -- This soap is a work of art! Made to highlight the fall image and fragrance of an oak leaf with acorn, this soap is good for all the senses, and provides an artistic presence in your bathroom.  $5.00
Oak Leaf & Acorn Glycerin Soap
Oatmeal Beehive Glycerin Soap
Oatmeal Beehive --The honey and oatmeal fragrance of this soap is a welcome extra to the oatmeal soap -- a rich, moisturizing formula good for the skin. $4.00
Prairie Grass -- This soap was created as a part of the Desert Southwest Collection (see Gift Items page.) It brings fragrances of the grass fields of the high plains, and is a favorite for men and women both.  $5.00
Prairie Grass Glycerin Soap
Rosemary Peppermint Luffa
Rosemary Peppermint Luffa -- One of our best sellers! The refreshing fragrance of the soap is enhanced with the addition of a luffa slice. Along with the essential oil blend which nurtures feet, it is a perfect addition to the “Nurture Your Feet” package.  $5.00
Sleeping Cat -- One of the signature soaps from Sad Cat Farms, this makes a perfect gift for including in a gift basket, or for yourself. Fragrance and color vary, just like cats!  $5.00
Sleeping Cat Glycerin Soap
Sparkling Snowflake Glycerin Soap
Sparkling Snowflake -- Let it snow, let it snow! This soap is one of our snowflake soaps which bring sensations of winter magic. Color additions make it sparkle, just like the new snow. Because of its light and pleasant fragrance, our customers also like it in the summer months.  $4.00
Spicy Pear -- This soap is luscious -- the light and fruity fragrance of pear, plus the addition of French Green Clay, make it a good choice for a complexion bar as well as a satisfying aromatic bar. Suggestion: pair this with the lotion of the same fragrance for a fabulous gift package. $5.00
Spicy Pear Glycerin Soap
Glycerin Soaps for Kids
Glycerin Soaps for Kids Kids' Soaps -- Kids love these soaps in the bath and for washing hands. Lightly fragranced, a toy is embedded to make them want to wash their hands! What could be better? $5.00
Spicy Plum Goat Milk -- One of our most popular soaps, this lovely bar has an exotic fragrance of fruit and spice, from a special blend of essential and fragrance oils. The addition of goat milk, shea butter, Vitamin E, and jojoba oil to the base make it very skin-friendly. Paired with our Spicy Plum Hand & Body Lotion, it makes an excellent gift for someone special -- or for you!  $5.00
Spicy Plum Goat Milk Glycerin Soap
Mini Sunflower Glycerin Soap
Sunflower Mini -- A small decorative bar which can double as a guest soap or one for a child who loves flowers. Makes a pleasing addition to a gift basket.  $2.00
Teddy Bear -- A cute soap for kids, with very mild fragrance and lots of charm. A good soap to include in a baby shower gift basket. Comes in blue, pink, yellow, and green.  $4.00
Teddy Bear Glycerin Soap
Victorian Rose Glycerin Soap

Victorian Rose -- What is more Victorian than a lovely rose, except perhaps a decorated heart? This soap has both. The fragrance will transport you to the rose garden, and the heart can be made in pink or white, just like the rose. Gentlemen, remember this soap on Valentine’s Day.  $5.00

Wild Rose -- Roses can be cultivated or wild. This one is wild, and will remind you of the pink wild roses found throughout the summer in the Colorado Rockies.  $5.00

Wild Rose Glycerin Soap
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