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Pamper Yourself or Someone Else

“Bathing occupied so prized a position in Roman society that archeologists have mistaken bath houses for temples…..”
                                                                                                            Susannah Marriott
                                                                                                            “The Art of the Bath”

At Sad Cat Farms, we think the Romans had the right idea. In our busy world, we have adopted the quick shower as a pick-me-up and an efficient way to get clean. But often we sacrifice the soothing, curative, and peaceful nature of the bath in favor of convenience. In the warm bath, the skin (our largest organ) is most open to the therapeutic benefits of the herbs and aromas we incorporate into our products. Go ahead -- give yourself a 30-minute vacation!

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Milk Bath Packets

Milk Bath Packets -- We all know of Cleopatra’s legendary beauty, which she reportedly maintained with daily baths in milk and honey. We now know why that worked: the lactic acid in milk serves as a natural exfoliant, and the honey provides healthy moisture. Here is Cleopatra’s bath in one tidy packet! Packaged like a large teabag, this luxurious combination of skin-soothing ingredients can be dropped right into your bath. Take plenty of time to relax, to allow the powders and oils to melt into your warm bath water. (While you’re waiting for just the right opportunity to take your bath, slip the bag into a drawer or linen closet. The fragrance will scent your towels and lingerie!) Each packet contains milk powder, oatmeal, honey powder, epsom salt, fragrance or essential oils, and either rose petals or lavendar buds. Available in Rose or Lavender. $2.50


Herbal Tub Teas -- The warm bath provides a tried and true way to absorb the therapeutic properties of herbs. The herbs can be prepared by steeping them in hot water in a large mug, then pouring the strong tea into your prepared bath. Or, the herbs can be put into the muslin tea bag included with each packet, and steeped right in your bath while you relax. $3.00 per packet

Sad Cat’s Choice Tea

For sore and aching bodies this is the choice.  A relaxing and soothing blend of these herbs: chamomile, comfrey, lavender, peppermint, and roses.

Skin Softening and Repair Tea

Specially formulated to soften, moisturize, and repair skin that has been overexposed to sun and wind. Contains calendula, chamomile, comfrey, and oatmeal.

Calming and Sleeping Tea

An excellent blend for times when you need calming or a   little help falling asleep. It wouldn’t hurt to light a candle too! These calming herbs help you relax: chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower, hops, and catnip.

Fussy Baby Tea

A tub tea is a gentle and easy way to introduce calming herbs into    baby’s system. Let the baby soak in the warm tea made with these herbs: chamomile,  lemon balm, hops, catnip. When baby is calm, so is Mom.

Sitz Bath Tea

Filled with herbs that are soothing and healing. Good not only for new moms, but also for any skin irritation. Contains calendula, comfrey leaf, chamomile, and rosemary.

Energizing Tea

When you need an energy boost or a “wake-me-up,” soak in this tub tea, which contains these stimulating herbs: rosemary, peppermint, lemon rind, eucalyptus, and pine needles.

Herbal Tub Teas
Bath Salts

Ahhh! Bath Salts -- Why add salts to your bath? Because they provide a powerhouse of benefits! Your body absorbs the minerals in salts, and they can stimulate circulation, ease muscle cramps, help relieve joint stiffness, help with arthritis or back pain, and soothe achy, overworked legs and feet. And if that isn’t enough, they help cleanse and detoxify our largest organ -- our skin. (See Our Ahhh! Bath Salts combination contains Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, sea salt, Natrasorb, dendritic salt, kelp powder, and fragrance or essential oil. Available in Rose and Lavender fragrances, in two sizes: 3-ounce tube good for one bath -- $2.75; 6-ounce jar good for two baths -- $6.00.

Silky Bath Bombs -- Never mind that these bombs provide skin-friendly ingredients. More than that, they are just plain fun! Pop one of these bombs into your bath and watch it fizz -- and fizz, and fizz. The fragrance and soothing oils combine to make your 30-minute vacation memorable. Contains: citric acid, corn starch, baking soda, sea salt, dendritic salt, fractionated coconut oil, polysorbate, silk protein, and a blend of fragrance and essential oils. These 5-ounce bombs are available in Rose ($2.75),  Lavender ($2.75), and in a special blend we call Love Is In the Air ($3.50 -- featuring ylang ylang essential oil, a favorite for romantics.)

Silky Bath Bombs
Rejuvenating Foot Soak

Rejuvenating Foot Soak -- This is a great way to repay our feet for the hard work they do for us. Each packet contains all the ingredients for a rejuvenating soak -- unless you want to add marbles to the basin so you can roll your feet over them as you soak. These ingredients are selected for their properties of soothing aches, softening rough skin, relaxing the feet, reducing swelling, and removing odors:  Dead Sea salt, sea salt, dendritic salt, Epsom salt, baking soda, rooibos tea, kelp powder, and essential oils of peppermint and tea tree.  $2.50

Cooling Foot Powder -- A soothing and healthy blend of ingredients to nurture your feet. And you can sprinkle some in your shoes to keep them sweet-smelling! Contains white cosmetic clay, arrowroot powder, comfrey root powder, marshmallow root powder, Oregon grape root powder, powdered myrrh, and essential oils of lavender, tea tree, and peppermint. 2-ounce shaker $6.00

Cooling Foot Powder
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