About Soap-making, Gardens, and a Lonely Kitty

Soaps, Lotions, and 30-minute Vacations

Gardens at Sad Cat FarmsAt Sad Cat Farms, we make soaps, lotions, balms, and bath items to delight the senses and provide a healthy alternative to "store-bought" toiletries. Many of the herbs and fragrances we grow in our garden provide inspiration for our products.

We make traditional handcrafted soaps, like our grandmothers made for their families, and glycerin soaps, which are popular for their decorative and fragrant qualities. Many of our lotions match fragrances with our soaps. Give yourself a relaxing 30-minute vacation using our bath items. If you're thinking of a gift, we create custom combination gift baskets for special people and occasions. Browse through our products and treat yourself or someone else to the luxury and simplicity of hand-crafted soaps, lotions, and bath items.

What's In a Name?Steve and Sad Cat

Sad Cat Farms isn't really a farm, but rather a Colorado urban garden. Sad Cat is really our cat. He appeared one day in our garden 10 years ago, a feral mess of an alley cat. Cats have a way of adopting people. He would sit on one side of the garden while we would sit on the other side saying, “What a sad-looking cat.” We provided food and water, but it took about a year for him to feel comfortable with Jane in her soap-making labus. All the while, we referred to him as the Sad Cat and the name stuck. Now, he's not sad at all, but in fact is quite the entitled and loved member of the household. He manages the property, which we came to call Sad Cat Farms.

The human elements of Sad Cat Farms are Jane and Steve. Jane developed an interest in soap-making about ten years ago when she began to seek products that are more skin-friendly than most that are available in retail markets. She became hooked and just couldn’t stop making soap! She also started making lotions and all kinds of bath items. An occupational therapist by day, Jane wishes she had more time to make soap.

Steve is the resident cat-whisperer, occasional soap seller, gardener, and idea man. Check out Stud Suds traditional soap -- his personal favorite.

Stay In Touch

You never know what you’ll find on the curing rack. We’re always trying something new. We hope to start the "Sad Cat Farms" blog soon to help keep you informed about any new products or anything else that might be on our minds that day.

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